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Muslim Matters

Articles about global Muslim matters of any uncovered issues

Significance of Veil Muslim Women
Significance of Veil Muslim Women Dated: 2013-08-07
How To Handle Controversial Issues As A Muslim
How To Handle Controversial Issues As A Muslim Dated: 2013-08-07
How to Stay Away From Wrong Information As a Muslim
How to Stay Away From Wrong Information As a Muslim Dated: 2013-08-07
Seeking Marriage Online
The internet has changed the way in which people communicate. The internet has open up new frontiers of communication for persons from all over the world. Dated: 2013-08-05
Muslim Matters: Marriage
In Islam, marriage is regarded as a contract entered into by a man and a woman. Dated: 2013-08-01
Process of Islamic Marriage
Islam has long held marriage in high esteem, venerating the union of a man and woman for religious, moral and social reasons. As for the Muslim marriage process itself, a bride and groom will particip Dated: 2013-07-21
Living as pious Muslim in worldly tempting environment
According to the teachings of Islam, the purpose of a Muslim life is to give worship to Allah and endeavour to seek His love. Dated: 2013-07-18

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