sheeza khan

Volume 1, Book 9, Number 473:
Narrated Ibn ‘Umar:
Whenever Allah’s Apostle came out on ‘Id day, he used to order that a Harba (a short spear) to be planted in front of him (as a Sutra for his prayer) and then he used to pray facing it with the people behind him and used to do the same while on a journey. After the Prophet, this practice was adopted by the Muslim rulers (who followed his traditions).

Prayers are very important for every Muslim. Islam has given guidance through Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) in order to help Muslims to continue their prayers at any time and place without problems. It is allowed to use a small item and place it in front for starting prayer. This is helpful for completion of prayers and others could pass from the front as the item is placed.

Those people who are using different things in front of them for saying prayers are also doing fine as it is allowed in Islam. These small things or large things are used for allowing others to cross from the front and avoid problems. If any other person is willing to say prayers then he can say behind the first man who is behind the item. This practice is good to be used while you are on a journey.

You can also use this practice in your home for saying your prayers easily. Any small or large item could be placed in front while you are going to start your prayer. This will give you a specific place for your prayers and you will not be disturbing the paths of others. This is beauty of Islam that it provides support for humans in all matters of life. Prayer is an important part of life of any human and they are required to say prayers regularly.

If you are on a journey then you can place any item in front of you and start prayer in a secure manner. At home you can use small or large items and say prayers in front of them. Many people are using this practice and it was also followed by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.). You must make sure that the item used is not an idol or toy.

Things like spear, bottle, bag, basket, machine, walker, chair, table and the like items could be used for saying prayers. If space is available behind a person using an item to say prayers then others could follow him and there is no need to use things by all required to say prayers. If there is no space behind the person then others could use similar items at any other place and say their prayers on time.

These types of facilities are given to humans so that they could say their prayers on time and remain safe from missing prayers even at journeys. When it is time of prayer then you can start prayers at any place and use a reasonable item if you are not having any structure in front of you.

If you are saying your prayers in front of a wall then it is not required to use an item as items are used for saving others from crossing you when you are praying as it is a sin to cross a person who is saying prayers. Prayers are must for all humans and these are not forgiven in any condition therefore Islam has provided ways through which Muslims could say prayers and remain on the save side.

Posted: 2013-08-20

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