Rights of parents

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Rights of parents

Parents play an important part in life of any person. They are the source of entry of any person in this world. Many children are not able to survive due to negligence on part of their parents. Those who survive and become adults are due to an important part played by their parents. Different factors are contributing to the life of a person in this world and parents are very important for any person.

Islam has highlighted rights of parents and ordered all Muslims to do well with their parents. Good behavior is a must with parents and these must be obeyed in all right manners. Worship is only for Allah (S.W.T.) and humans must be good for their parents. Children after becoming able to work for welfare of their parents must devote their lives for support and encouragement of their parents who play an important part for the life and existence of the person.

Good behavior for parents
Mother has more rights as compared with father but both must be taken care of by any person. Mother keeps a child in her body and bears all the pains during the process of birth and upbringing. Father spends his hard earned money on children and provides security from all problems. There are cases when one from mother or father is not present or passed away and the other takes all the responsibility for the children and their upbringing.

In all cases it is responsibility of children that they take good care of their parents. Results of treatment with parents are obtained in this life and also in the life of the next world. Those children who are good for their parents are also getting children who are good for them. Those children who are not good for their parents are getting children who are not good for them.

When parents have provided all the required support they could give to their children and make them able to live independently then it is time for children to return the benefits for their parents. Those parents who are not good to their children are not going to get good returns. Mostly parents are good and nice for their children. Almost all the parents are, loving and caring.

Care for children
If some parents are not seem to love their children then in fact this is due to some problems as all parents are loving and caring for their children. As parents try to complete all the desires of their children in their early days so it is time for children to fulfill the desires of their parents when they are old. At old age parents lose their strength and become weak.

This weakness takes power from them and they have to depend on their children. At that time it is responsibility of children to support their parents. Islam focuses on this point and guides all humans to remain nice and caring for their parents. Life is short and anything could happen at any time therefore the available time is to be used for doing good actions.

Limited time for actions
Parents could die or children could die at any time. When children are grown then they must make sure that their parents are happy with them. There are many needs of parents about which they will never tell their children due to their bad attitudes. If children are nice with their parents then they can come close to them and share important things with them.

Friendship is important among parents and children so that they could pass all their time together with happiness and care. Children must remain soft and gentle with their parents so that they could not feel bad and remain happy and praying for the children

Posted: 2013-09-02

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