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Safar is the second month in Islamic calendar. Meaning of Safar is whistling of the winds. It is thought that in past the names of months were given on the basis of conditions in weather. Many people think that this name is suggesting a time when the weather was nice and attractive. With the passage of time the use of other calendar has increased and difference in the number of days has resulted in shifting of weather therefore the weather is surely changed from the weather when this name was given.

Days in the Islamic calendar are based on the positions of moon due to which the influence of whether in past at the time of giving name to this month is changed. Many unpleasant events took place in the past in the month of Safar due to which many people have believed that this month is cursed. Islamic studies have proven that this month is not cursed and the happening of unpleasant events, are not necessarily related to this month of Safar. Abwaa battle has started in this month of Safar and the date was 12th which is an important and historic event.

Khaibar battle also took place in the past in the month of Safar. Marriage of Hazrat Ali (R. A.) with Hazrat Fatima (R. A.) took place in the month of Safar. Hazrat Khubaib (R. A.) was martyred in the month of Safar in the city of Makkah. Another martyr related to Hazrat Zaid (R. A.) also took place in this month of Safar in the holy city of Makkah. These are some important events which took place in this month of Safar.

Islam has cleared doubts in the minds of the people by declaring Safar as a normal month. It is not good to consider this month as cursed. This is an important month in the Islamic calendar in which many important events took place.

  1. Muharram

  2. Safar

  3. Rabi-Al-Awwal

  4. Rabi-Al-Thani

  5. Jumada-Al-Awwal

  6. Jumada-Al-Thani

  7. Rajab

  8. Shaban

  9. Ramadan

  10. Zul-Qadah

  11. Shawwal

  12. Zul-Hijjah

Posted: 2013-10-26

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