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Shaban is the eighth month in the Islamic calendar. The meaning of Shaban is consecutively escalating. Different types of blessings and rewards are given in the month of Shaban. This month is associated with rainfall which is a natural gift for humanity. Many blessings are started from the start of this month. With the passing of this month the blessings are also increased and people gather many benefits throughout the month of Shaban. Farmers are happy with this month as they can get required amount of water for their crops and have enough growth leading to profits. Night of forgiveness is present on the 15th of this month of Shaban. Holy Kaaba was selected as the place towards which direction is a must during prayers for Muslims in the month of Shaban. Orders related with fasting in Ramadan were issued in this month of Shaban. Marriage of Hazrat Hafsa (R. A.) with the holy Prophet (P. B. U. H.) took place in this month of Shaban.

This month is also associated with the death of Hazrat Hafsa (R. A.). Hazrat Hussain (R. A.) was born on the 5th day of this month of Shaban. Banu Mustaliq battle also started in the month of Shaban. During this battle the ayah related to the purification of the body by using sand for saying prayer was also revealed. The death of Hazrat Umme Kulsoom (R. A.) is also associated with the month of Shaban. These are some important events which took place in the month of Shaban.

This month is filled with many blessings and rewards for humanity and they are getting benefits throughout the world. Starting of rewards in this month of Shaban is helpful for humanity to gather resources for comfort in other months. This is an important month in the Islamic calendar and it is also remembered due to the occurrence of many important events in it in the past.

  1. Muharram

  2. Safar

  3. Rabi-Al-Awwal

  4. Rabi-Al-Thani

  5. Jumada-Al-Awwal

  6. Jumada-Al-Thani

  7. Rajab

  8. Shaban

  9. Ramadan

  10. Zul-Qadah

  11. Shawwal

  12. Zul-Hijjah

Posted: 2013-10-30

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