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Zul-Qadah is the eleventh month of the Islamic calendar. This is another sacred month in which fighting is prohibited. Many people make preparations for the next sacred month and business activities are also reduced in this holy month of Zul-Qadah. Khandak battle started in the month of Zul-Qadah. This month is also associated with the Truce of Hudabiah. Month of Zul-Qadah is also famous due to Bait-e-Rizwan. Holy Prophet (P. B. U. H.) returned to the holy city of Makkah to perform an Umrah with his companions.

These are some important events which took place in this month in the past. After this month there is a great month in which Muslims from all over the world come to perform an important act. Preparations are required for this act therefore this month of Zul-Qadah is used for making such preparations. The name Zul-Qdah means sit. Many people used to sit and start making preparations for Hajj in this month of Zul-Qadah. People worked for many months in the year and then check their working and performance for making arrangements of Hajj in this month of Zul-Qadah.

In the past many people used to stop the business activities as they have to make arrangements for the Hajj pilgrimage. This month of Zul-Qadah is a sacred month and it was prohibited to have fights and the like actions throughout this month. People from all over the world consider this month as sacred and this is the third sacred month in the Islamic calendar.

  1. Muharram

  2. Safar

  3. Rabi-Al-Awwal

  4. Rabi-Al-Thani

  5. Jumada-Al-Awwal

  6. Jumada-Al-Thani

  7. Rajab

  8. Shaban

  9. Ramadan

  10. Zul-Qadah

  11. Shawwal

  12. Zul-Hijjah

Posted: 2013-10-30

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