Islamic Spiritual Healing


Islamic Spiritual Healing

“Thank you G***,

Honestly the only reason why I have made it my personal agenda to bring this ( ) to the world’s notice is because I myself have been through the miraculous healing power that a Genuine Spiritual Healer can help us achieve, which will never backfire, only because we are doing it the only correct way available to mankind.

Sometimes a person gets so mentally bogged down that one tends to lose one’s way in life forgetting most importantly to connect with oneself – the way I look at prayers is connecting with myself and giving myself the spiritual strength to continue with life with a smile from my heart knowing that My God Will Protect me from any burden that I am not capable of facing!!

Unfortunately for me, I have been to so many “healers” that I now in retrospect know that I should not even have ventured close to, there is always this “devil” waiting to misguide us and if we are stupid enough to be misguided, we can end up with a lot of emotional baggage that will backfire and have worse repercussions in time.

Presently I am editing a book – that deals with Black Magic and “Jinn” for Mr. Nadeem Mohammed, I do this only for one reason – For The Almighty, then for Mr Nadeem Mohammed and then with the small hope that even if one person can find his/her way back to living a happier life – then I have fulfilled my duty for being sent down here By Thee Almighty. (Alhamdullillah)

I cannot thank you enough for your support and your kind words if you do have any feedback that will help Mr. Nadeem Mohammed to make a better impact on people with the website, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Warm regards and feeling blessed to have come across you.


Posted: 2013-07-16

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