Akhlake Bateni

Syed Badrudduza

Akhlake Bateni

The main key to acquire ˜Spiritual Character” is to be free from the hidden or internal qualities of Sinfulness / Bad Habits / Tendency to evil act. . Internal bad qualities influence man to be involved in sin. These bad qualities are:
a. Pride b. Self-conceit c. Misery d. Cheat e. Jealousy b. Anger g. Suppression/ Oppression h. Desire for enjoyment /oppression, i. Desire to gain wealth and fame.
2. For the emancipation on the day of Judgment the following ten (10) good qualities are essentially required to be acquired by everyone.
a. Be ashamed of Sinful work (Tawba )
b. Have patience in sufferings/ misfortune (Sabar)
c. Remain pleased with the wish /order of Allah ( Reja)
d. Be grateful to the blessings of Allah (Shukur) e. Be afraid of Allah ( Khauf)
f. Remain hopeful for the blessings of Allah (Rwaja)
g. Practice austerities and self-restraint (Johod)
h. Perform prayer to Allah sincerely and wholeheartedly (Ekhlas)
i. Well behave with all the creature of Allah (Good Behave)
j. Have Love & Respect for Allah (Hobbey Fillah)
3. The qualities of the great people has been mentioned in Sura Bakara -Ayat 177.
To acquire Spiritual Character a man must have the qualities mentioned above.
*IRADAT: * It is the quality to leave those works which has become a habit. In broad term, to keep the heart (kalb) firmly to the remembrance of Allah and leave all habits and works which are not related to the remembrance of Allah. So unless a man can not leave those work and habits fully, which have been created due to delusion of mind (preventing the discement of truth and leading to believe in the reality of worldly objects) and ardent desire, he cannot be a man of perfect Iradat. Those who wants to become closer to Allah, want to become Woli Allah, their first duty (first step) is to earn Iradat. Almighty Allah has mentioned, : Ala Tatrudillajina Yadwuna Rabbahum Bil Gadatey Wal Ashiyi Yuriduna Wajhahu- Those who call (remember) their Lord ( Allah) and hope to get him (Allah) , do not rebuke /threat them ( Do not drive them away).
*MURID (Follower):* Those who remember Allah for satisfying Allah on him and thereby to get Allah (become woliallah) , they are the real Iradatkari Murid ( Follower free from evil activity). This kind of people must have the following qualities (sifat).
a. They will be always devoted / inclined to Allah and praying to Allah.
b. They will follow the orders of Allah and instructions of Rasul (sm).
c. They will see everything in light of the real noor provided by Allah and follow the instructions of Allah in everything and every work of the world.
d. They will not be happy and will hate to accept / agree to anything except Allah.
e. They will become like blind & dump in any other affairs and talk except Allah.
*MAHABBATE ELAHI : * It is such a bereaved desire and expectation that, by the influence of which all the sorrow and pain of his heart become lighter and easier. Quality of this class of people is as under:
a. They don’t go to sleep unless their eyes become closed due sleep.
b. Eat and drink when they feel uneasy being hungry/thirsty.
c. They talk only when they become undone to avoid talking.
d. Always remain busy to rebuke and admonish the Nafs (evil propensity).
e. Always try to guide the Nafs towards Allah ( Try to strengthen Nafs -e- Ammara)
f. Always remain busy to invite people toward the way of Allah.
g. Always try to do welfare and emancipation for the people.
h. Remaining aloof they enjoy the delight of love of Almighty Allah.
i. They keep them away from Sins and misdeeds.
j. Always remain engaged in devotion and Ibadat (prayer) to Allah.
k. Feel ashamed of the sight of Allah in attempting to do any unlawful work.
l. All their labor and arduous endeavor is done for the love (mohabbat) of Allah, as such they can reach the closeness of Allah.
m. They remain busy in performing Nafal Ibadat (Additional prayer out of Farj) so that those become a media to get closer to Allah. Peoples having those qualities become lucky to become in closeness to Allah and they are accepted as Real Saalekin (The man who is perfectly on the right track as directed by Allah). This is the target of all the Murids and is named as Murad. At this stage all the obstruction / hindrance towards the way of Allah is removed. Allah wash them with the rain of Rahmat & Favor and make them holy / sinless and dignified/graceful. At this time they become neighbor of Allah and they are honored through different types of gift/ presentation. This is the Maarifat of Allah.

In Hadis-e-Kudsi it is stated that, Allah says, My Mumin Banda ( True Believers) get closer to me through their Nafal Ibadat and I honored them with my friendship. When I treat someone as my friend ,I grant him my Noor on all parts of his body . So his all activities is actually guided by me. So knowledge of such man become great/noble knowledge. Because who is nourished and brought up under the guidance of Allah, his heart becomes store house of mystery of Allah. Hallo my Banda (Man)! If you want to know that then you follow the quoted affairs.
*MUTASAOEF:* A man who tries and devote to become Sufi is called Mutasaoef. Coming to this path, who work hard and accept the procedures and activities of the followers of this path as his basis ( To get Allah) and lead life according to them, they are called real Mutasaoef. Those who has achieved the cleanliness of their heart ( Kalb) ,i.e those who have become free from the hypocrisy and deception of Nafs, who has accepted the right path as directed by Allah, who has gained Hakikat, and whose heart is silent on earthy affairs, he is real SUFI. Establishing true and firm relation with Allah and show good conduct with / behave with his servant (man) is the sign of Tasaouf. Motasaoef is the beginner ,and Sufi is the last stage. When a man becomes steady on the path of Allah and remain engaged on true and perfect job, remaining in the situation of separation and different troubles with own relations keep patience and follow the regulations (of Islam) perfectly, maintain the rules -regulation of shariat and directives of Allah and remain steady on the position of his achievement, make the heart fully perfect and free (from false) and broad and achieve fulfillment in all respect., then he is given the last presentation / gift and invaluable favors/blessings ˜BELAYET.
*MUJAHIDA:* It is stated in Quran , Wallajina Jahadu Fina Lanahadiyannahum subulana.- Those who try with care on my (Allah) way, I (Allah) show the path of getting closer to me. Main things of Mujahida is to leave the greediness and pray to Allah wholeheartedly only for making Almighty Allah happy. In all respect oppose the Nafs ( Nafs-e-Ammara) suppress it. Do the work opposite to that, what Nafs (Ammara) try to influence for doing .
*MURAKABA:* It is the habit of keeping the heart conscious about the fact that , “Almighty Allah sees and knows everything. In other words, it is a system of thinking deeply about own misdeeds and be ashamed of that, about the greatness of Allah, about the creature of Allah and surrender own self to Allah (while thinking). Murakaba is the main basis of the devotee followers of Sufism to reach the destination.

The Murakaba attains the fulfillment with the following knowledge:
a. To gain knowledge about identity of Allah. ( i.e. Allah is one and only, He has no partner, He is the creator & protector of the universe, Everything is happening on His will, He knows everything, He sees everything, None can fulfill any expectation except Allah, He is the owner of the day of Judgment, He will excuse anyone as He likes and punish someone as He likes).
b. To have knowledge about the enemy Iblish.
c. Always keep it in mind that my Nafs (Nafs-e-Ammara) will always provocate me to do wrong.
d. To do the prayer only for Allah ( For the satisfaction of Allah.).

1. Ya Bani Adama , La Yatinannakumush Shaitana Kama Akhraja Abawaikum Minal Jannati- Hello successors of Adam ! (Remember) So that Shaitan ( Iblish) cannot engage you in mischief , as he brought out your first parents (Adam-Haoa) from the heaven. ( Al Quran)
2. Innaka Shaitana Lakum Adubbum Fattakhijhu Aduwan, Innama Yadwu Hijbuhu Liakunu Min Ashabissayir.- Undoubtedly Shaitan is your great enemy. So you know him as your enemy. Definitely Shaitan and his group is calling you to that direction so that you are included as hellish. (Al Quran)
3. Fala Ya Gurunnakum Billahi Gurur- So that the misgiver Shaitan can not create suspicion to you about Allah. (Al Quran)
4. Allah Rabbul Alamin declares, Kalema Tawheed is my Fort. He who will utter this Kalema he enters my Fort and there is no fear for him about punishment. The man who utter the Kalema Tawheed with devotion and follow my orders, the sinner Shaitan ran away when comes in front of him. He is saved from the sinful act of Shaitan in such a way , as a man saves himself from the hit of the arms of enemy in war field.- (Hadis-e-Qudsi)
5. Shaitan is afraid of the words , Auju Billahi Minash Shaitanir Rajim and the burning flame of Noor , in the heart of the devotee.

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