Story of Hazrat Adam (A.S.) part 3

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Story of Hazrat Adam (A.S.) part 3

Hazrat Adam (A.S.) and Hazrat Hawwa (A.S.) were living in heaven and enjoying their life. Then a time came when Satan started enmity with them and started to create troubles. Satan is also a creature and belongs to the group of jinn. Allah (s.w.t.) created jinn from fire. There is a distinction among all these creatures. Allah (s.w.t.) gave power of reasoning and choice to jinn like humans.

Satan was a famous jinn and known among angels for a high position. When Allah (s.w.t.) ordered all the angels to bow before Hazrat Adam (A.S.) as a sign of admiration and respect then all angels obeyed except Satan. Allah (s.w.t.) asked the reason for not obeying the orders and Satan told that I am not going to bow before a human being.

Satan said that I am created with fire and he is created with soil of different types. Allah (s.w.t.) ordered Satan to leave the court and cursed him. The curse of Satan will continue till the end of this world. Satan got a task after refusing to bow before Hazrat Adam (A.S.) and determined to misguide humans.

Satan is cunning and he started his task of misguidance of humans from Hazrat Adam (A.S.). Satan studied the nature of humans and made plans for taking revenge from Hazrat Adam (A.S.). He told hazard Adam and Hazrat Hawwa (A.S.) that if they will eat from that tree which is not allowed to them then they are going to become angels and live forever.

They thought about it and became victims of Satan. They decided to eat from that tree for getting benefits and neglected the orders from Allah (s.w.t.). Traditions of Jews and Christians differ at this issue about the appearance of Satan to Hazrat Adam (A.S.) and Hazrat Hawwa (A.S.). There is no indication in Islam about Hazrat Hawwa (A.S.) causing Hazrat Adam (A.S.) to eat from the forbidden tree.

Both are taken responsible for this mistake. Allah (s.w.t.) forgave them for this mistake and the humanity is not here to bear the punishment of their parents. Satan deceived both Hazrat Adam (A.S.) and Hazrat Hawwa (A.S.) by considering their weakness for getting a lot of strength and prestige. Satan thought that humans are greedy and willing to get power and pride through any means.

By inspiring Hazrat Adam (A.S.) and Hazrat Hawwa (A.S.) in a cunning manner he made them to consume from the forbidden tree. They forgot the orders from Allah (s.w.t.) and made a mistake. Satan instructed them in such a manner that their wrong act of consumption from the forbidden tree was thought as a good one.

Satan used tricks for misguidance of those two humans and had not used simple ways to commit the mistake. He has not told them to do a wrong act leading to disobey Allah (s.w.t.) and he was not giving them orders for using that forbidden tree. He used a trick to attract them for consuming that tree.

Due to this attraction and wrong information from Satan both Hazrat Adam (A.S.) and Hazrat Hawwa (A.S.) consumed from that forbidden tree and committed a mistake. Islam says that both are equal in committing that mistake and all responsibility is not on any one of them.

Posted: 2013-07-18

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