Story of Hazrat Adam (A.S.) part 7

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Story of Hazrat Adam (A.S.) part 7

Islam started the spreading of knowledge from the creation of Hazrat Adam (A.S.). There is encouragement for Muslims in Islam so that they could learn new things and gain excellence in knowledge. For many years Muslims have made many developments in knowledge in science and research. Soil was used for making of Hazrat Adam (A.S.) and there are many items which are found in soil.

Many types of minerals are produced by soil. Human body cannot make such minerals and these are obtained through products from soil for playing important functions in human body. Water is an important item which makes human body. There are many items in trace quantities which play important role in human body and all these items are found in soil.

Without these trace items it is not possible for the human body to work in a normal manner. Deficiency of these trace items could lead to different types of diseases and health related problems. Allah (S.W.T.) gave many skills to Hazrat Adam (A.S.) in order to test humanity. All humans on earth have got different types of skills and all these skills can be used with a free will from Allah (S.W.T.).

Humans are using more than 3000 languages all over the world for communication and interactions. It means that Allah (S.W.T.) gave knowledge of all these languages to Hazrat Adam (A.S.) therefore humanity has this knowledge in limited amount. Every language used for interaction is complete and understood by users. In present time no person is aware and master in all languages.

Natural ability is given by Allah (S.W.T.) to Hazrat Adam (A.S.) and all humanity to learn things. Languages are also learnt due to the learning ability which makes communications easy among people. Genetic makeup of humans indicates that there is a single origin from where all humans belong. It indicates that all humans are children of Hazrat Adam (A.S.) and Hazrat Hawwa (A.S.).

All knowledge given to Hazrat Adam (A.S.) is now possessed in small quantities among humans of present world. Islam encourages humans to make researches and explore the details for learning more. Many facts are discussed in Quran which are now proved through advanced research. Humans are given a limited time with instructions to live in a better way in this world.

All the acts in this world are to be checked and results will be given after death. This life is like an exam for humans in which they are given instructions for making them successful. Those who are doing good acts are going to get rewards in this life and also in life in the next world. Those who are going to do wrong acts will get losses in this world and also in the world after death.

System of guidance was started through Hazrat Adam (A.S.) and it is duty of all humans to follow the right paths. Those who are doing good acts are aware of their actions and also those who are doing bad acts are aware that they are wrong. Allah (S.W.T.) started life of humanity through Hazrat Adam (A.S.) and He has power to end the life at any time.

Posted: 2013-07-19

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