Story of Hazrat Noah (A.S.) part 1

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Story of Hazrat Noah (A.S.) part 1

Hazrat Noah (A.S.) was a nice and wise person who was selected by Allah (S.W.T.) to guide the world which was surrounded with lawlessness and sin. Christian and Jewish traditions know details about a great flood which came in time of Hazrat Noah (A.S.). Calmness and patience were granted to Hazrat Noah (A.S.) from Allah (S.W.T.) in order to perform his duties well.

He was given quality of speech and he warned people to leave idols and start to worship only one Allah (S.W.T.). He told his people that there is only one Allah (S.W.T.) who must be worshipped. There is a punishment for disobeying the orders of Allah (S.W.T.) therefore it is good to understand the warning and start working in the right manner.

Allah (S.W.T.) gave great knowledge and wisdom to Hazrat Noah (A.S.) as he was to guide people. He told people about the wonders and details of earth. He told that earth is created for benefits of humans and they have to stay for a limited time period. He told humans that there is only one Allah (S.W.T.) who must be obeyed and worshipped.

He also gave details about the punishments which are for those who are not obeying Allah (S.W.T.) and worshipping idols. When details of punishments were told to people then they become angry. There was a gap of almost ten generations among Hazrat Adam (A.S.) and Hazrat Noah (A.S.). In this large period of time many followers of Islam died and the concepts of humans about Islam and Allah (S.W.T.) began to fade.

The true followers of Islam continue to guide people to do right actions and avoid wrong actions but with time and due to the cunning actions of Satan the number of wrong doers keep on increasing and condition of the people grew worst. Then came, the need of a prophet from Allah (S.W.T.) therefore Noah (A.S.) was sent for their guidance.

Satan inspired people to make idols of those people who gave them guidance and details about Islam. He said that it is helpful for remember the true way to worship Allah (S.W.T.). When many good people have made statues of righteous people then Satan left them so that they could forget the cause of making statues.

After a gap Satan appeared again and told people to worship the statues for getting benefits. In this manner idolatry started and started to increase with the passage of time. Those men who were pious were made in the form of idols and they were worshipped when the actual person died. In this manner idols of many pious people were made and their worshipping started which grew with time.

This was a cunning act of Satan and he instructed people to do so for guiding them to the wrong direction. These actions of Satan were fast and took place in the gap period of ten generations between Hazrat Adam (A.S.) and Hazrat Noah (A.S.).

There was a need of correction of people which was fulfilled by Allah (S.W.T.) in the shape of Hazrat Noah (A.S.) and the process of guidance of humanity continued for elimination of those who were in the wrong direction.

Posted: 2013-07-19

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