Story of Hazrat Noah (A.S.) part 2

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Story of Hazrat Noah (A.S.) part 2

Humanity had been misguided by Satan and Allah (S.W.T.) decided to guide them by sending Hazrat Noah (A.S.). This was first major distraction of humanity after Hazrat Adam (A.S.) due to which need of a messenger from Allah (S.W.T.) arose. Hazrat Noah (A.S.) was made a messenger and also a prophet from Allah (S.W.T.). There is some distinction among messenger and prophet.

A prophet is not a messenger but a messenger is also a prophet. So the task of guidance was given to Hazrat Noah (A.S.) for good results for humanity. Satan misguided people and idolatry was on its peek when Hazrat Noah (A.S.) started his task of guidance and instructions from Allah (S.W.T.).

He warned his people about the great punishment in the form of a flood which will be for those who are not obeying Allah (S.W.T.) and following idols. People were not listening to calls from Hazrat Noah (A.S.) and only a few started to follow his directions. Allah (S.W.T.) will not forgive the sin of worshipping any other thing as it is a big crime.

Hazrat Noah (A.S.) continued his task of calling and guidance of people for 950 years and only a few people started to listen to him. Those people who were poor and weak were listening to him and decided to follow his directions. The rich and powerful people refused to listen to the calls of Hazrat Noah (A.S.) and said that you are not on the right direction.

Two groups of people formed on the basis of instructions from Hazrat Noah (A.S.). One group was following him and consisted of people who were poor and weak. The other group was not following him and consisted of wealthy and powerful people. These people said that you are only a simple human being like others and there is no special instruction given to you.

Hazrat Noah (A.S.) told his people that there are many types of rewards for following and worshipping Allah (S.W.T.). Those rewards are given in this life and also in the life after this world. The disbelievers rejected the instructions and continued their idolatry with pride. Disbelievers started to misguide Hazrat Noah (A.S.) and started bargaining so that he could get rid of poor people who are following his directions.

He rejected those offers and continued his instructions for all in the normal manner. He said that idolatry must be left and Allah (S.W.T.) must be worshipped. He had not demanded any reward from people for his guidance as he believed in Allah (S.W.T.) for getting returns of his efforts. Hazrat Noah (A.S.) continued instructions and guidance to his people but the disbelievers were not ready to pay attention.

He felt that the disbelievers are not going to accept the right path and there is no solution for them therefore they must be punished. The children from disbelievers will also do harm and continue to follow the wrong paths therefore he prayed to Allah (S.W.T.) for getting rid of all disbelievers.

He never lost his patience but he realized that the disbelievers are not going to accept Islam after guiding them for hundreds of years. He prayed to Allah (S.W.T.) for destruction of disbelievers and his prayers were accepted.

Posted: 2013-07-19

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