Story of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) part 1

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Story of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) part 1

Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) is discussed many times in Quran. Allah (S.W.T.) placed many tests for testing him and he proved to be successful in all those tests. Allah (S.W.T.) gave him a strong belief in Islam and wisdom. Allah (S.W.T.) made him prophet for guidance of people who were worshipping idols.

He guided his people to leave idolatry and worship Allah (S.W.T.) due to which many of his people became his enemies and different types of problems were created for him. Task given to Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) was same as given to different prophets before him. He was required to guide people for leaving idolatry and worship Allah (S.W.T.).

He started his task for guidance of people to leave the wrong path and follow the right path. He was given many problems on this way of guidance but he faced all with courage and dare. All traditions including Islam, Jews and Christians acknowledge the great acts and status of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.).

It is important to have knowledge about the life and actions of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) in order to have understanding of the actions which are liked by Allah (S.W.T.). Islam has highlighted different facts about Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) which are enough to understand his status and working for guidance of humans. He is mentioned by using different names in different traditions.

Christians also believe that at first his name was Abram then Allah (S.W.T.) ordered him to change the name to Abraham (A.S.). It is estimated that Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) was born almost 2166 years before the birth of Hazrat Eesa (A.S.). Aazar was his father who worshipped idols. Bible mentions that Haran was elder brother of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) and he died in his native land.

Nahor was another brother of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) and he took daughter of Haran as his wife. Aazar also migrated with his relatives to a city called Haran when Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) was a child. Different migrations are also associated with Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) throughout his life and he visited different places for completion of his duty of guidance of people.

When the task of guidance of people was started by Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) then his people started to punish him and torture him in different ways. Due to disbelief of his people he has migrated from Ur to Haran. Ur was a great place and different types of ups and downs results in that area in the life time of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.).

Different hardships were present in the city of Ur due to different types of environmental conditions but the hardships imposed due to task related with spreading of Islam were the main cause of migration of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.). When he migrated to Mesopotamia then he saw that people are worshipping idols. There was a main idol which was thought to fulfill the desires of humanity.

There were many other idols which were made for assistance of that main idol. People at that place were worshipping idols and were on the wrong path. They have different beliefs about these idols and they were treated in an unfair manner by those who were managing the idols.

Posted: 2013-07-21

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