Story of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) part 3

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Story of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) part 3

Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) guided his people and told them that Allah (S.W.T.) has all the powers therefore He must be worshipped. He created this world and all the things. Those idols which are worshipped instead of Allah (S.W.T.) have no power. Idols are made by humans and they are not able to do any actions. Allah (S.W.T.) must be worshipped and idols must be left as this is the straight path.

Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) told his people that Allah (S.W.T.) has given life and all the things to be used in this world. He will take like and also give life again in the next world. Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) told his people that they are following their elders but those were on a wrong path. It is important to leave the wrong path as it is leading to harmful results. People rejected the message and started to torture him in different ways.

They also challenged him to bring a clear sign for proving the truth. He was very young when he started to guide his people as he was given wisdom and the task of guidance of people from Allah (S.W.T.). His people punished and tortured him in different ways due to his rejection of their idols and promotion of Islam. All these were tests from Allah (S.W.T.) for him in which he was proved to be successful.

Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) made a plan so that his people could be guided with some physical actions. He made a plan for destroying all the idols in an altar when all the people would be away. A religious festival came in which all the people of town went for attendance. That festival was in promotion of sins and Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) was also invited. He said that his is not feeling well therefore he cannot go to the festival.

His people left him and went to enjoy the festival. This was the time when he found himself to take physical actions against idols. He entered the temple where many idols were located and there were different types of foods for them. People have left foods for idols and given many types of presents due to the religious festival. He asked the idols that why they are not eating or speaking as he knew that they will not reply.

He asked to himself that why people are worshipping such idols which are made by them as it was a wrong path. Then he started to attack on idols with force and strength for their destruction. He destroyed all the idols and left one idol only which was the chief idol. He left after destroying the idols in small fragments. The people returned and the priests notice the destruction of their idols.

They were surprised and shocked at this instance because they were not aware of the details. Investigation started and it was revealed that a person is against idols and he could have done this. That person was Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) and people found him for inquiry. All people who were worshipping idols were angry at this act and asked about the details from Hazrat Abraham (A.S.).

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