Story of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) part 4

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Story of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) part 4

People asked about the incident from Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) and he told them that the chief idol has done this all. He said that you must ask from that idol about the details as it is present while others are destroyed. People told him that idols cannot speak nor do anything. Then he said that why you are worshipping them as you know that they cannot do anything.

This has not ended the anger of people and they understood that all the idols have been destroyed by him. Punishment was suggested for him to burn him live in fire. Wood was collected for making a large fire. All people in town participated in collection of wood and then they made a large fire. This was a huge fire which was not seen before by the people.

Then Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) was thrown in fire as a punishment. This was a great test for him but he proved to be successful. He had a strong belief in Allah (S.W.T.) due to which he was not afraid. He was agreeing with what was in his fate therefore he was ready to accept this exam. Allah (S.W.T.) ordered fire to become cool for Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) and there must be no harm for him.

As a result the fire was not able to do any harm for him and this was a clear indication about the strength and existence of Allah (S.W.T.). When he was saved from fire then the disbelievers were shocked and ashamed because they were no successful in their wrong plan.

He was taken to the court of king due to his act of destruction of idols. Nimrod was king at that time and Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) was presented to him for inquiry. King was very proud and disbeliever in the existence of Allah (S.W.T.). King claimed that he is god but Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) said that Allah (S.W.T.) is only one who is able to give life and also take life back.

King was proud and said that he is also able to give life and take it back. He called two people who were in prison and they were sentenced for death. King forgave one prisoner and set him free while he punished the other and killed him. This was not a logical act from the king but he showed this to prove his power. Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) told the king that Allah (S.W.T.) is making sun to appear from east.

If you are god then you must let the sun to come from west. This was a task which was out of the strength of king and he was defeated in discussion and dispute. Allah (S.W.T.) guided Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) due to which he remained successful in discussion and disputes in front of the king.

When the disbelievers were not willing to believe and follow the right path then Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) and his followers had decided to migrate. They said to disbelievers that they cannot live with them as they are not following the right path. They advised them to follow Allah (S.W.T.) and leave the idols for getting success.

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