Story of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) part 5

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Story of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) part 5

Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) guided his people in different ways but only a few accepted his guidance. His nephew and his wife from his family accepted Islam and other believers were also less in number. He decided to migrate with all the believers in order to get good results when instructions of migration were given to him from Allah (S.W.T.). Canaan is the place where these people migrated and settled.

Allah (S.W.T.) continued the process of spreading of Islam through different prophets from the progeny of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.). All those prophets were nice and wise as they were given task for guidance of people. While in Canaan the process of guidance was continued through Hazrat Abraham (A.S.). He started his task with the people in that area and the surrounding places.

There was famine situation due to which he and his wife decided to migrate. These were migrating to Egypt for continuing the task of guidance of people. Traditions in Jews and Christians believe that there was a pharaoh in Egypt who wanted to have possession of all the women who are married. In order to remain safe from this pharaoh a plan was used by Hazrat Abraham (A.S.).

He told about his wife that she is his sister so that she could remain safe from problems. Pharaoh took his wife in his palace and also gave honors to him but soon realized that she was his wife when his palace was under the influence of severe plagues. Due to not telling the actual details about his wife he was ordered to leave Egypt.

When they were in Egypt then Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) told his wife that she must tell the pharaoh that she is my sister for safety. Sarah was his wife and she agreed to the plan. When they entered in Egypt then pharaoh started inquiry about their relation. As agreed he told that she is my sister. Pharaoh took her to his place and summoned her for his passions.

She asked for help from Allah (S.W.T.) and she was helped. When pharaoh came near to her, then the upper part of his body was stiffened. He understood that this is due to his bad actions for her therefore he begged for help from her. He tried to come near her but could not do so because help of Allah (S.W.T.) was with her.

He realized that he is not able to do any harm to her as she is of a special and unique nature therefore he decided to return her to Hazrat Abraham (A.S.). When she came back then he found that Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) is busy in praying. There were many gifts which were also sent to him for getting her by pharaoh. He gave her daughter Hagar as handmaiden with many other gifts for getting wife of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.).

In this manner Allah (S.W.T.) saved Sarah and her husband from the bad actions of pharaoh and awarded them with different types of gifts. This was a powerful message for all people all that time to leave the wrong path and follow the right path.

Posted: 2013-07-23

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