Story of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) part 7

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Story of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) part 7

It was time of separation under the orders from Allah (S.W.T.) their journey was started. Thus Hazrat Abraham (A.S.), following getting sojourned with his wife, Hagar and his son Ishmael, placed them at that place with the little quantity of water for consumption and leather case filled with dates.

While Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) started walking out departing them behind, his wife, Hagar started to be nervous regarding what was taking place. Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) had not checked again. Hagar followed him, and asked him, exactly where can be you heading, departing us inside this area where there will be no individual whose cooperation we may appreciate, neither can be there something right here.

Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) rushed his speed. Ultimately, Hagar inquired, ‘Has Allah (S.W.T.) required you to take this action? ’

Abruptly, Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) ceased, switched again and reported, ‘Yes! ’

Experiencing a level of relaxation in this response, Hagar questioned, he gave reply so that she could understand.

‘I am departing you to the attention of Allah (S.W.T.),’ Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) responded.

Hagar transmitted to her Allah (S.W.T.), ‘I am pleased for being with Allah (S.W.T.)! ’

This was communication among them before he left them in order to pass the test of Allah (S.W.T.). There were no signs of life and many signs of death in that place therefore she was not understanding the action of her husband. When she understood that it is done as per orders from Allah (S.W.T.) then she realized that it is required as she was among the believers.

Then he left her and started to pray in a path where he was not seen by them. He prayed from Allah (S.W.T.) for the safety of his family which he has left in a tough place. He knew that Allah (S.W.T.) will help them therefore he prayed for them and requested for their assistance. He also prayed for getting support from other people and their providing all types of required items in the form of food so that his family could survive.

This was a great test and it was taken for testing the faith of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) as his love for his son was increasing with time. He got many gifts from Allah (S.W.T.) therefore he was sure that he will not be left in loss. He was given the task of guidance of people which he was going for many years.

He was awarded with many gifts and rewards from Allah (S.W.T.) due to his belief and following his orders. Allah (S.W.T.) was happy with him and guided him well in all instances. He was also worried about his family as that place has no sign of life. That was a tough place and the weather was hot. He left his family with limited resources but guided them so that they could remain calm.

His wife was told about this instance when he was leaving her. In this manner he left his family under the orders from Allah (S.W.T.) and prayed as well for getting good results. He was a true believer and prophet of Allah (S.W.T.) therefore he was obeying all types of orders and was hopeful for support and assistance.

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