Story of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) part 8

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Story of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) part 8

The things for consumption were limited and these could not last for a long time period. Shortly, the water for consumption and the dates were eliminated and frustration of Hagar was also enhanced. Not able to get rid of her being thirsty or even to breastfeed the small child, Hagar started looking for some water.

Departing Ishmael beneath a shrub, she started hiking the bumpy slope of a neighborhood mountain. ‘Perhaps there will be a caravan moving through,’ she considered to herself. She went among the two mountains of Marwa and Safa seven instances searching for signals of some water or getting some support, afterwards personified through all the Muslim community in Hajj.

Exhausted and distraught, Hagar noticed a speech, however, cannot identify its origin. Subsequently, searching along in the area, she observed a great angel, who can be recognized as Gabriel within Islamic resources, positioned alongside Ishmael. Then the angel started to, dug in the soil using his heel close to the child, and water emerged gushing out.

This was a wonder! Hagar attempted to create a container close to it to hold it from moving away, and loaded her container. ‘Never be frightened of getting overlooked, ’ the angel stated, ‘for that can be the Home of Allah (S.W.T.) which may be constructed by this child and his dad, and Allah (S.W.T.) in no way neglects his individuals. ’ This well, known as Zamzam, is moving even today in the area of Mecca inside the Arabian Peninsula.

This was a great test and Allah (S.W.T.) continues to test his believers in different ways from time to time. Efforts were done in this test and faith of believers was also tested as these two could not go back because of orders from Allah (S.W.T.). They have to stay there and prove their faith. Hagar tried to get something for herself and her child therefore she struggled among the hills.

That struggle is still remembered by Muslims and it is made a compulsory act while performing Hajj. When she was exhausted and tired then Allah (S.W.T.) sent his help in the form of an angel. This resulted in generation of water and preservation of life. Water is an important item and all types of life depend on it. Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) left his family as per orders from Allah (S.W.T.) and he also prayed for them.

After there was water and start of life in that area, a tribe from Jurham stopped and noticed the presence of water due to signs from a bird. This tribe settled in that area and Ishmael started to pass his days of childhood in this tribe. In this manner a place where there was no life was changed to such a place which is filled with life.

Many people are heading to this place from all over the world and Allah (S.W.T.) has made this place with many precious items. Abundance is given to this place which we recognize as Mecca. This is a good test for increasing faith of all believers in Allah (S.W.T.).

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