Story of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) part 11

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Story of Hazrat Abraham (A.S.) part 11

Prophet Abraham (A.S.) was ordered to give sacrifice his son Ishmael. He told about his dream to his son in order to check his views. His son was also given wisdom and was to be made as a prophet for the guidance of people therefore he admitted to the orders given to his father. Prophet Abraham (A.S.) was guided to give sacrifice of his son through dream and his son was ready to obey the order from Allah (S.W.T.).

Certainly if an individual had been informed by their dad that they was to be slaughtered as a result of a dream, this might not be used in the greatest of ways. One may question the dream along with the sanity associated with the individual, however Ishmael believed the place of his dad. The pious child associated with a pious dad was focused on submit to Allah (S.W.T.).

Prophet Abraham (A.S.) got his child to the spot where he seemed to be sacrificed and placed him while his face was kept down. Because of this, Allah (S.W.T.) has referred to them within the most gorgeous of phrases, painting an image of the quality of application; one particular which delivers tears for the eyes of any person. This was a great test from Allah (S.W.T.) to check the faith of his prophet.

When he was successful in this test then many rewards were given to him and his standard was also improved. Certainly, this was the biggest examination of almost all, the giving up of his solely kid, one particular delivered to him right after he had attained an older age and many years of wishing for progeny.

Right here, prophet Abraham (A.S.) demonstrated his readiness to give up all his possessions for Allah (S.W.T.), and because of this, he was selected a chief of all mankind, one whom Allah (S.W.T.) endowed with the progeny associated with Prophets. Many Muslims from all over the world are giving sacrifices in remembrance of this test of Prophet Abraham (A.S.).

A ram was placed by the orders of Allah (S.W.T.) for sacrifice and the sacrifice of Prophet Abraham (A.S.) was accepted. Celebration of this sacrifice is carried out all over the world and it is for submitting that Muslims are ready to obey the rules and regulation from Allah (S.W.T.). When Prophet Abraham (A.S.) proved himself as a faithful person then he was given good news through angels of a wise son to be named as Isaac.

The main purpose of sacrifice was to test the faith of Prophet Abraham (A.S.). This is also for showing to the whole world about the status of prophets that they are ready to obey the orders of Allah (S.W.T.) in all conditions. Dreams of prophets are from Allah (S.W.T.) and these are different from the dreams of ordinary people.

The instruments used by Prophet Abraham (A.S.) for performance of this act of sacrifice were of a high quality. He used the sharp knife with strength but the knife was not ordered to cut the neck of his son. When Allah (S.W.T.) checked him then rewarded him with many rewards and declared him as successful in this tough test.

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