Story of Prophet Lout (A.S.) part 1

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Story of Prophet Lout (A.S.) part 1

Allah (S.W.T.) delivered every one of the Prophets and messengers to their individuals with single information, to praise Allah (S.W.T.) only and never to connect something or someone with Him. Yet, Allah (S.W.T.) delivered Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) to help all of mankind.

However his information was the equivalent, he arrived with a different regulation, a single to include all individuals, in all locations, at all occasions, also into a faraway future ongoing to the Time of Reasoning. The thought of various chapters of holy Quran was usually in reaction to a specific affair or encounters of the actual Prophet and also his supporters. The tales in the holy Quran present coaching, supply the traditional history of mankind, and illustrate the character of Allah (S.W.T.). The tale of Prophet Lout (A.S.) will be a single that is especially relevant in the modern times.

In numerous places all over the world, this will be dangerous to move along the pavement, also in daytime. Killing is rife, stealing of identities, and drugs are plentiful. Currently many kids in graduation have previously experienced drug consumers and dealers. Alcohol is readily accessible at area shops, even if this is liable for the separation of households, every day assault and the deterioration of community.

Paedophilia will be widespread, as the cases of kid porn and individual trafficking. Degenerate routines are acknowledged and also considered of as ordinary. This explanation paints an image of a terrifying, unmanageable planet; however is it actually so distinct from the period of Prophet Lout (A.S.)?

The individuals of Prophet Lout (A.S.) existed in a community much the same to the present time. That was dodgy, the individuals had no manners, bad guys and criminal actions abounded, and people moving via the area of Sodom were under the risk of theft and bodily maltreatment. The entire environment of the area was never similar to any cohesive community.

The individuals of Prophet Lout (A.S.) were devoid of morals, not having principles and without grace. The homosexuality which abounded would not occur in a hidden place that was component of a way of life which besides permitted, yet additionally motivated vice and problem. This was to help this area that Allah (S.W.T.) delivered Prophet Lout (A.S.); his information was to praise Allah (S.W.T.) only.

Yet, inserted in praise are the motivation and the determination to follow commandments of Allah (S.W.T.). The individuals of Sodom had been content using their infected methods and got no wish to control them. Prophet Lout (A.S.) grew to become an irritation and his phrases were overlooked.

People in this area were involved in different types of bad acts. They were no believers of Islam and they were doing and encouraging sins. It was time for their correction therefore Allah (S.W.T.) sent his prophet for their guidance. Prophet Lout (A.S.) was given the task of guidance of these people. He started his task but he was given no importance by those people. Guidance was same for these people to worship Allah (S.W.T.) and follow the right paths and leave the wrong paths in life.

Posted: 2013-07-24

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