Story of Prophet Lout (A.S.) part 2

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Story of Prophet Lout (A.S.) part 2

Different types of problems were faced by Prophet Lout (A.S.) when he started to guide his people to follow the right paths of life. It was same as all the prophets have faced many problems on their paths of guidance of people. People are not willing to change their routine life on the guidance of any person easily and they need different types of proofs and evidences for introduction of a big change in their routine modes of living.

Prophet Lout (A.S.) instructed the individuals to quit their offender actions and indecent habits however they declined to pay attention. Prophet Lout (A.S.) presented his individuals and admonished all of them. He described their crime, their offender actions and their abnormal lovemaking practices.

He guided his people to accept the message given to them as he was the messenger from Allah (S.W.T.) and he is given the task to guide these people. He said that no return is demanded from the people for this service of providing guidance as the returns and rewards are given by Allah (S.W.T.) for doing this act as per His orders and instructions.

In the previous numerous years, this is now typical to discuss of homosexuality being a normal lifestyle, yet in accordance to regulation of Allah (S.W.T.) and inside all three incredible beliefs of Jews, Christians and Muslims and their religions this act is not appropriate.

The fresh concept that homosexuality will be in some way genetically established is furthermore declined by rules and regulations in Islam. Holy Quran plainly declares that the individuals of Sodom had been the very first to exercise this lovemaking aberration.

The individuals of Sodom were in a real degree of destruction they not anymore had any kind of grace. They might make their abnormal functions in general public or inside confidential. Satan was between these people, and as will be his method, he created their activities seem good and balanced.

When Prophet Lout (A.S.) started to insist so that these people modify their bad methods, they preferred to push him away of area, as though by demanding to wholesomeness, he was thought to be the one doing a terrific sin. The individuals of Sodom warned him that if he will continue his work of guidance of people then they will expel him from the area.

Prophet Lout (A.S.) plainly indicated his frustration and fury on the bad actions and abnormal functions and prayed to Allah (S.W.T.) to protect him and members of his household by the bad of the individuals associated with Sodom. Disbelievers were guided in different ways by Prophet Lout (A.S.) so that they could leave the bad activities.

However they were not willing to follow the right paths of Islam and they started to warn him that they will expel him from the place and do harm to him if he is not going to stop his work of guidance. This was time for a decision for these people therefore he prayed from Allah (S.W.T.) and requested for his safety with the group of believers and for a final decision for all the disbelievers.

Posted: 2013-07-24

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