Story of Prophet Lout (A.S.) part 3

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Story of Prophet Lout (A.S.) part 3

Prophet Lout (A.S.) was guiding his people but they were not paying attention. There it was decided that these people would be punished. Decision of punishment was made by Allah (S.W.T.) and angels were sent in order to complete the task. In a different section of the globe, Prophet Abraham (A.S.), who was also the uncle in relation of Prophet Lout (A.S.), obtained three visitors.

Identified with regard to his generosity, in no time Prophet Abraham (A.S.) roasted and prepared a calf however to his alarm, the visitors rejected to eat. That was really strange. Passengers are generally starving and the truth that these visitors declined his generosity created Prophet Abraham (A.S.) extremely anxious. The visitors noticed his anxiousness and attempted to set his worries to relax.

They mentioned, to him that he must not be anxious. His worries was gone, Prophet Abraham (A.S.) questioned his visitors what task had acquired them in his area. They responded that they are sent for those people who are not on the right path.

The individuals of the area in Sodom had grown to be infected, thinking their bad methods were appropriate. Sadly, in the present time we have turn out to be so used to bad and lack of knowledge we are not anymore in a position to react in the proper way.

We generate excuses and attempt to rationalize bad conduct however the truth is, while individuals constantly and publicly disobey and disrespect Allah (S.W.T.), and then He must be annoyed. The angels got their departure by Prophet Abraham (A.S.) and created their strategy to the area of Sodom, searching for Prophet Lout (A.S.) and his particular household.

Prophet Lout (A.S.) continued his work of guidance of these people but they were not listening. The disbelievers were giving and creating problems for him in different ways. They were also giving him challenges that if he is true then he must bring the punishment on them.

Prophet Lout (A.S.) carried on to go through and suffer because of the evil methods and abnormal conduct of the individuals close to him, however, he went on to supply his information with patience. He advised the individuals to stop trying their evil approaches and follow the One Allah (S.W.T.), worshipping Him only.

Yet, the townspeople carried on to make fun of and belittle Prophet Lout (A.S.), and also taunted him through demanding him to provide torment of Allah (S.W.T.) on them. As these people were not ready to accept the right path therefore it was time for their punishment.

Prophet Lout (A.S.) was confused with hopelessness and beseeched Allah (S.W.T.) to give him success above these individuals, who dedicated terrific violations and carried on abnormally. He guided them in different ways but they were not ready to listen to him. They were following their bad actions and realized that there would be no punishment for them.

They did not believe in the powers of Allah (S.W.T.) and they were not listening to Prophet Lout (A.S.) who was given the task of guidance of these people from Allah (S.W.T.). This was time for punishment of disbelievers and wrong doers for setting an example for the whole world.

Posted: 2013-07-24

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