Story of Prophet Lout (A.S.) part 4

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Story of Prophet Lout (A.S.) part 4

Angels were sent to the people of Prophet Lout (A.S.) for their punishment. They told Prophet Abraham (A.S.) about their mission of destruction of people of Sodom. The reason for destruction was told that these are doing wrong acts and not willing to follow the right path.

Prophet Abraham (A.S.) was worried about his nephew therefore angels told him that prophet Lout (A.S.) and the group of believers would be saved but his wife is not doing good deeds therefore she would also be punished. It is also narrated about the destruction of people of Sodom that, when the messengers neared the areas of the place of Sodom they found daughter of Prophet Lout (A.S.) at the neighborhood lake.

She was amazed at their attractiveness and dreaded for them. She suggested them to hang on at the lake for meeting Prophet Lout (A.S.), instead of get into the area devoid of his defense. When Prophet Lout (A.S.) got word of the visitors, he was troubled and pondered how he might persuade them to get around the areas associated with Sodom and proceed on their journeys. He attempted to get them to realize the character of the people in that area yet merely succeeded in persuading the visitors to hang on for nightfall prior to getting into the area.

Prophet Lout (A.S.) was able to take these people to the security of his house; yet, his spouse slipped away the rear entrance and rapidly informed the individuals that two gorgeous males were visitors in house of Prophet Lout (A.S.). The statement rapidly distributed and quickly individuals were exterior to the house of Prophet Lout (A.S.), banging on his entrance, requiring observing the visitors.

Prophet Lout (A.S.) grew to become a lot more troubled while he noticed his wife had been accountable for the masses at his entrance and he talked with the people and instructed them to leave and to worry the penalties of Allah (S.W.T.). He consistently advised to these people to look for sexual satisfaction in a legitimate manner.

Those visitors were angels from Allah (S.W.T.) and told Prophet Lout (A.S.) that they came for destruction of these people who are in wrong actions. When those people heard that then they were afraid and ran away. Angels gave instructions to Prophet Lout (A.S.) to take believers with him and leave his wife because she was also among the wrong doers.

It was instructed that all the believers would leave the Sodom at night and no one will look behind. Prophet Lout (A.S.) was at back of all believers so that no one could look behind. At sunrise the punishment of disbelievers started. Holy Quran describes the punishment that it was a cry which surrounded them and their shelters were eliminated. Rain of baked clay was thrown on them which resulted in their destruction.

Those disbelievers were demanding the punishment and when it came then they had no power to fight. They were destroyed and all people were given lesson to obey the rules of Allah (S.W.T.) by following the right path. There are rewards for those who are doing good actions and there is severe punishment for those who are doing wrong actions.

Posted: 2013-07-24

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