Story of Prophet Jonah (A.S.) part 1

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Story of Prophet Jonah (A.S.) part 1

Prophet Jonah (A.S.) had been delivered to a group in Iraq. Research shows that it was the place called as Nineveh. Similar is the situation with every one of the Prophets sent from Allah (S.W.T.), Prophet Jonah (A.S.) arrived to Nineveh in order to contact the individuals, to praise a single Allah (S.W.T.).

He talked of Allah (S.W.T.) clear of any kind of companions, kids, children or others similar in power and implored individuals to quit worshipping of idols and participating in bad habits. Yet, the individuals rejected to pay attention, and attempted to disregard Prophet Jonah (A.S.) and the phrases associated with admonishment. They discovered Prophet Jonah (A.S.) annoying.

The behavior of his individuals exasperated, Prophet Jonah (A.S.) and he made a decision to depart. He provided an ultimate notice that Allah (S.W.T.) would give a punishment due to their egotistic conduct however the individuals jeered and stated that they are not scared. Heart of Prophet Jonah (A.S.) loaded with frustration towards his stupid individuals.

He made the decision to depart these people to their unavoidable distress. Prophet Jonah (A.S.) collected a couple of meagre possessions and chosen to place as much range as attainable among him and individuals he had appeared to hate.

The scenario was changed in Nineveh quickly after prophet Jonah (A.S.) departed. The sky started to modify shade, it transformed as reddish as flame. The individuals were loaded with anxiety and recognized that they had been just events from deterioration.

The whole society of Nineveh collected on the top of a mountain and started begging for forgiveness of Allah (S.W.T.). Allah (S.W.T.) approved their request and eliminated the punishment that was dangling ominously above their heads. Then the sky came back to usual, and the individuals came back to their houses. They interceded, that prophet Jonah (A.S.) might return to these people and direct them for the right way.

Meanwhile, Prophet Jonah (A.S.) had taken a ship with the desire that it might carry him as distant from the heedless individuals as probable. The ship along with its numerous travelers sailed within the peaceful waters. As the night fell close to these people, the water abruptly transformed. The wind started to strike strongly and whipped away a storm with terrific size.

The ship shuddered and thought like it were concerning to break up into parts. The individuals huddled at nighttime and made a decision to dispose of their baggage overboard however it created no variation. The wind got strength and the ship trembled. The travelers determined the weight had been bringing about their problem so resolved to toss lots to put one of the travelers out of the ship.

The waves of water were as large as hills and the crazy storm stepped the ship upward and downward like that were as small as a stick. This was a custom in seafaring to throw lots by recording all the titles and pulling one individual to be thrown overboard.

The title was driven and that was Prophet Jonah (A.S.), however the individuals were appalled. Prophet Jonah (A.S.) was regarded as a righteous and pious person and they would not desire to place him in the furious water. They toss once more and however again, yet both instances the title pulled was of Prophet Jonah (A.S.).

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