Story of Prophet Jonah (A.S.) part 2

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Story of Prophet Jonah (A.S.) part 2

Prophet Jonah (A.S.), the Prophet from Allah (S.W.T.) understood that this had been not accidental. He comprehended that this event was in fate as established by Allah (S.W.T.) thus he checked out his other travellers and flung on his own about the edge of the ship. The travellers gasped in scary as prophet Jonah (A.S.) dropped in the water for being scooped up inside the huge jaws in a massive fish.

While Prophet Jonah (A.S.) awoke by unconsciousness, he imagined that he had been lifeless and was resting inside the darkness in his burial plot. He sensed about him and noticed that this is not a burial plot yet the tummy of the huge fish. He seemed to be scared. He thought his heart pumping great in his upper body and lurching in direction of his neck with each torn breath he got.

Prophet Jonah (A.S.) was seated in powerful, acidic, digestive fluids that were consuming out on his skin then he cried over to Allah (S.W.T.). In the complete darkness associated with the fish, within the darkness in the water and inside the darkness in the night prophet Jonah (A.S.) elevated his tone of voice and declared away his hardship to Allah (S.W.T.).

Prophet Jonah (A.S.) carried on praying and saying his supplication towards Allah (S.W.T.). He noticed his incorrect action and begged to get forgiveness of Allah (S.W.T.). Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) informs us that angels are attracted to mankind thinking about Allah (S.W.T.). That is exactly what occurred for Prophet Jonah (A.S.); the angels noticed his cry inside the dark and identified his tone. They realized about Prophet Jonah (A.S.) and his good conduct when confronted with difficulty. The angels contacted Allah (S.W.T.) and asking about the voice and call from Prophet Jonah (A.S.).

Allah (S.W.T.) relieved Prophet Jonah (A.S.) from the fish and he was placed on an island. His skin was damaged due to different types of chemicals in the stomach of fish. Wind and weather were causing pain for him. He continued to beg for forgiveness of Allah (S.W.T.) due to which a tree was grown for him.

He was given food to eat and his wounds started to heal. When he was well again then he decided to return to his people for continuing the task of their guidance. When he returned to his people then he was amazed with a big change in their living. He was told by the people that they were about to be destroyed as a result of punishment from Allah (S.W.T.).

But all the people begged for forgiveness and followed the right path. He was pleased and started his task for guidance of people. This story is giving guidance for all people to remember Allah (S.W.T.) in all times. Different types of occasions keep on occurring in life but these must be born with courage and faith in Allah (S.W.T.).

Prophet Jonah (A.S.) was given an important task of guidance of his people therefore he must not leave the people in anger. He realized his wrong action and asked for forgiveness of Allah (S.W.T.). Allah (S.W.T.) is great and He forgives his people when they understand their wrong actions and decide to follow the right path.

Posted: 2013-07-24

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