How one becomes a Muslim?

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How one becomes a Muslim?

It is very important and interesting to know that how the people in past turn to Islam. How they become Muslims. Allah Almighty sent his passengers or prophets in the world to guide the people. They came in this world and teach a message which, was to submit and surrender in peace to the mighty God. The people in past became Muslims due to effort of prophets. They like the teachings of Prophets and turn into Islam. Allah Almighty sent his 1, 24000 prophets in the world for the guidance of humans.

The basic belief of Islam is that there is only one God to worship and to praise. He is the creator of the whole universe. The man who believes in God and follows Islam is called a Muslim. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is the last messenger sent by God to man. He assigned His holy messenger the duty to show human being the right path of life. Man was taught to adopt the right ways and to forbid the wrong way. He was also taught to praise and worship God, the only creator of this universe. He is the lord of all times. Even a single leaf of a tree cannot move without His will or permission. Islam provides a complete code of conduct for life. It is a religion of peace and harmony. One who follows the teachings of Islam feels himself secure and contented.

The light of Islam has continuously spread in every era of time and is being spread now with the same pace. The specific word used for God by the Muslims is Allah. This word basically originated from the Arabic language. The person who follows Islam surely believes in Allah.

As said earlier, Islam is not only a religion but a complete guidance for every aspect of life. It teaches a person how to spend his life according to the will of Allah. It also teaches you the ways and methods to worship Allah. Muslims have been shown the best ways of passing their lives as directed by their only creator. No doubt this is the best way a man can ever had in his life. Allah, the creator of days and nights, bestowed a great gift on His beloved and Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the form of Holy Quran. It is indeed a miracle of Allah for His beloved Prophet (peace be upon him). Allah has mentioned the solution of each and every problem which a man can encounter during his entire life in this Holy book. Allah has said in the Holy Quran that this sacred book will never be corrupted as He Himself will always take care of it. Due to its truthfulness, more people are accepting Islam day by day. If you wish to learn about Islam you can get a lot of literature available on internet and other sources.

To become a Muslim, you must believe 6 doctrines of Islam:

1. First, you have to sincerely witness that there is no deity to worship accept the almighty God (Allah) and that Mohamed is His last messenger and seal of all prophets. In Arabic, this is called Shahada or Kalima.

2. second, you have to believe existence of Angels. Angles are creation of Allah created before Adam was created. They serve different purposes, for example, Allah sent Angel Gabriel to teach the Quran to prophet Mohamed (saw).

3. Third, you have to believe in prophets of Allah, from Adam to Mohamed (saw). Allah sent many prophets one after another to teach and correct people when they deviate from the true deity. Popular prophets include Ibrahim, Moses, Soloman, David, Jesus, & lastly Mohamed (saw).

4. Fourth, you have to believe in the Quran. The final message from almighty God (Allah), as well as other books such as Torah, Psalms, & Gospel.

5. Fifty, you have believe day of Judgment and life after death. In the day of judgment, people will split into three groups as mentioned in Quran (56:7-56 );
a. Group of people will be closest to God. This group is assumed to be prophets and companions of the prophets and those who believe and are best in good deeds.

b. The second group of people is those who will receive their book on their right hand which means they are believers whom their good deeds weigh more than their bad deeds.

c. The third group is those who will receive their book on their left hand. They are understood to be pagans who defied the prophets and follow their own desires and those whom their bad deeds exceeds their good deeds.

6. Sixth;You have to believe in the predestine, to be Muslim, you have to believe that things happen for reason and Allah has predestined things before it happened.

After you sincerely believe in 6 doctrines of Islam, now you have to practice 5 pillars of Islam.

1. Shahada, as a believer, you must witness that there is no God except one God who is the creator of the universe.

2. Secondly you have to perform the daily prayer. The prayer is the communication channel between God and the servant. As a Muslim, you should pray five compulsory prayers a day. Many Muslims perform voluntary prayers after and before the compulsory prayers.

3. Third it’s compulsory that you gave “Zakkah”, a percentage of your wealth to the poor and needy.

4. Fourth, you have to fast the month of Ramadan. Muslims fast Ramdan from dawn to dust. Fasting teaches you a self self-discipline and gives you the opportunity to remember the poor.

5. Pilgrimage, any Muslim is economically and physically capable should visit the house of Allah in Mecca at least once in life time.

Posted: 2013-07-27

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